Russia will focus on the development of nuclear weapons

Note that among the “trump cards” repeatedly shown by Russia in the field of armaments, the majority are nuclear


On January 15, at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a message on the situation in the country, in which he stated that Russia was the first to surpass other countries in the production of new generation nuclear weapons. He said: “Our steps to strengthen national security have been taken in a timely and sufficient manner.

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For the first time, I want to emphasize this, for the first time in the history of the existence of nuclear missile weapons, including the Soviet period, and modern times, we are not catching anyone, but on the contrary, other leading states of the world have yet to create the weapons that Russia already possesses. ”

The sanctions of the USA and Europe and the decline in prices on the world energy market after the Crimean crisis led to heavy losses in the domestic economy of Russia, which also affected the funds allocated for national defense. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during a teleconference on January 10 that this year the Russian army plans to spend about 1.5 trillion rubles ($ 24.54 billion) on the implementation of the state defense order. For comparison, according to the US Department of Defense, the military budget in 2020 will amount to $ 718 billion.

Based on Putin’s statement that Russia for the first time surpassed other countries in the production of new generation nuclear weapons and the current situation in the country, it can be concluded that in the future Russia will pay more attention to nuclear weapons.

From the point of view of the Russian army, investing a limited amount of national defense assets in the research and development of conventional weapons and equipment will limit the increase in the country’s total military power.

Based on this statement by Vladimir Putin and the US-Russia strategic security dialogue on Vienna on January 16 in order to reduce the misunderstanding between the two sides on the main security issues, Russia hopes for a relatively peaceful and stable environment in the future, and also plans to invest limited financial resources to maintain and improve nuclear weapons to ensure national security and focus on economic construction.

Note that among the “trump cards” repeatedly shown by Russia in the field of armaments, the majority are nuclear. For example, the Poseidon nuclear unmanned underwater vehicle, the Burevestnik nuclear cruise missile, the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, and others.

All this tells the world that Russia’s nuclear deterrence is strong and stable. And the development of conventional armed forces, on the contrary, has slowed down, especially with regard to the navy. In recent years, many new ships have been launched in Russia, but their tonnage is relatively small. When the repairs of the only aircraft carrier were postponed, Sergei Shoigu said in an interview that “Russia does not need aircraft carriers, there are enough weapons that can sink these aircraft carriers.” [end]

The author of the article is Lan Shuncheng. The original article has been published in Inosmi. Translation and editing by Defenseweek’s team.

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