Defweek.com or Defenseweek is a blog for military and defense anlyzes, comments, opinions and ratings. The blog covers topics of European or Middle East regions, and some specific countries – USA, Russia, North Korea and China.

Defenseweek (defweek.com) has been created at December 10, 2019 by Boyko Nikolov who is a profesional military and defense industry articles author. He is an editor-in-chief of an interhantional defense web media Bulgarian Military.

The Defenseweek’s articles are concentrated over the analytic content of the global defense industry or military-political relations around the world.

Main categories cover the most important regions of the possible conflicts or the development of the global military industry and technique.

A big part of the articles are texts personally written by journalists, military specialists or analyzers and translators-editors, who participate in the editing of the site. Our goal is medium-long texts, which to be specific and clear for the readers. There are news from the military and defence industry continuously. Sifting out of the right content allows us to keep you informed on time without burdening you with too much and unnecessary information.

Our authors are:

Boyko Nikolov, Bulgaria
Steve Roberts, UK
Zinitis Znotins, Estonia
Sandris Tocs, Estonia

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